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The Photo Tours of Amazing Views take place in the most beautiful places in the world. Would you like to photograph dream landscapes in Europe? Or are you dreaming of a photo safari in Africa or South America? Our photo tours take you to the most spectacular locations from A for Arctic to Z for Zimbabwe. Accompany us to your dream destination in Africa, America, Asia or Europe.

We are the specialists for tours on the topics of landscape photography, wildlife photography as well as culture and street photography.

Banner Fotoreise Island fully booked
Iceland | 17. – 24.9.2022
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Senja Herbst available

Senja fjords CHF 3'660

Norway | 23 – 29.09.2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Botswana hautnah fully booked

Botswana upclose CHF 6'590

Botswana | 28.9. – 3.10.2022
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Lofoten Herbstfarben available
Norway | 30.09. - 06.10.2023
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Istanbul fully booked

Vibrant Istanbul CHF 1'990

Turkey | 2- 6.10.2022
5 days
8 Guests + 1 Photo Guide
Fotoreise Katzen der Kalahari filling fast
South Africa | 4.-11.8.2022 | 5.-12.10.2022
8 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Eisbären Churchill only two spots left
Canada| 13.10. - 23.10.2022
10 Tage
11 Gäste + 1 Foto Guide
Fotoreise Kroatien filling fast
Croatia | 14. – 20.10.2022
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Slowenien filling fast

Autumn Colors CHF 3'320

Slovenia | 21. – 27.10.2022
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Wilder Herbst Irland fully booked

Autumn Wildlife CHF 2'940

Ireland | 29.10. – 4.11.2021
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Toscana only one spot available
Italy | 08. - 12.11.2022
5 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Masai Mara fully booked
Kenya | 2. - 9.12.2022 | 15. - 22.01.2023
8 days
3 guests + 1 guide
Fotoreise Slowenien Winter available

Winter Fairy Tale CHF 3'320

Slovenia | 23. – 29.01.2023
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Botswana's best kept secret filling fast

Best kept secret CHF 5'950

Botswana | 19.-25.2.2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Banner Fotoreise Lofoten Winter filling fast
Norway | 18. - 24.2.23 | 25.2. - 3.3.2023
7 days
8 guest + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise grüne Kalahari fully booked

Green Kalahari CHF 5'150

South Africa | 26.2 – 6.3.2023
8 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
Norway | 4. - 10.3.2023
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Indien fully booked
India | 11.03. - 23.03.2023
13 days
7 guests + 2 photo guides
Foto-Safari Eisbären Babies filling fast
Canada | 06. - 15.03.2023 | 13. - 22.03.2023
9 days
5 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Äussere Hebriden available

Outer Hebrides CHF 3'590

Scotland | 18. – 24.03.2022
7 days
10 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Wildes Schottland available

Wild Scotland CHF 3'390

Scotland | 26.03. - 02.04.2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Namibia available
Namibia | 18.3. – 1.4.2023
15 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Färöer Inseln available

Wild Islands CHF 3'290

Faroe Islands | 04. - 10.04.23
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Patagonien fully booked
Chile | 17. - 29.04.2023
13 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Irland Wild Atlantic available

Wild North CHF 2'690

Ireland | 1.5. - 8.5.2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Banner Fotoreise Irland Kerry available

Kerry & Wicklow CHF 2'790

Ireland | 9. - 16. May 2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Irland Wilder Westen available

Wild West CHF 2'890

Ireland | 17. - 24. May 2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Sambia only two spots left
Sambia | 13. - 22.06.2023
10 days
8 guests+ 2 Photo Guides
Fotoreise Pantanal available
Brazil | 2. - 14.7.2023
13 days
7 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Zimanga only few spots available

Zimanga in focus CHF 6'610

South Africa | 16.-23.8.2023
8 days
6 guest + 1 guide
Fotoworkshoip Zermatt available

Fantastic Zermatt CHF 1'199

Switzerland | 16. - 18.08.2023
3 days
10 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Sambia fully booked
Zambia | 19. - 29.10.2023
11 days
8 guests+ 2 Photo Guides
Fotoreise Sächsische Schweiz available
Germany | 23. – 28.10.2023
6 days
8 guests+ 2 Photo Guides
Fotoreise Botswana Desert & Delta available

Desert & Delta CHF 5'150

Botswana | 02. - 11.11.2023
8 days
4 guests + 1 Photo Guide
coming soon
Myanmar | coming soon
14 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Valensole Provence 26. June - 1. July 2023
France | coming soon
6 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Kenia Coming soon

Masai Mara CHF 8'292

Kenya | Coming soon
8 days
4 guests + 1 Photo Guide
Fotoreise Bären Slowenien coming soon
Slovenia | available
7 days
5 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Svalbard filling fast

Arctic Expedition CHF 12'000

Spitsbergen | different dates
10 - 12 days
12 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Botswana coming soon

Wildlife Explorer CHF 9'900

Botswana | coming soon
10 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Nordspanien coming soon

Wild Coasts CHF 2'790

Spain | coming soon
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Unberührtes Afrika fully booked
Zimbabwe | 22.08. - 01.09.2022
10 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise mystisches Schottland available

Mystical Scotland CHF 3'390

Scotland | 30.10. - 05.11.2023
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise New York available

New York City CHF 2'790

USA | 28.05 . 02.06.2023
5 days
8 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Dolomiten coming soon
Italy | coming soon
6 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides


Travel by dates



Dates Photo Tours 2022

All our tours for the year 2022 at a glance. 

DateDestinationPhoto TourStatusMore Informations
24.09. – 30.09.2022NorwaySenja fjordsfully booked - waitlist
28.09. – 03.10.2022BotswanaBotswana upclosefully booked - waitlist
01.10. – 7.10.2022NorwayLofoten Autumn Coloursfully booked - waitlist
02.10. - 06.10.2022TurkeyVibrant Istanbulfully booked - waitlist
05.10. – 12.10.2022South AfricaCats of the Kalaharifilling fast
13.10. – 23.10.2022CanadaPolar Bears of Churchillonly two spots available
14.10. – 20.10.2022CroatiaIstria & Plitvice Lakesfilling fast
21.10. – 27.10.2022SloveniaAutumn Colorsfilling fast
29.10. – 04.11.2022IrelandAutumn Wildlifefully booked - waitlist
08.11.. – 12.11.2022ItalyPicturesque Tuscanyfully booked - waitlist
02.12.-9.12.2022KenyaMasai Mara Explorerfully booked - waitlist

Dates Photo Tours 2023

All our tours for the year 2023 at a glance. 

DatumDestinationFotoreiseStatusMehr Informationen
15.01. - 22.01.2023KenyaMasai Mara Explorerfully booked - waitlist
19.02. - 25.02.2023BotswanaBest kept secretfilling fast
18.02. - 24.02.2023NorwayLofoten Winter’s Dreamavailable
25.02. - 03.03.2023NorwayLofoten Winter’s Dreamfully booked - waitlist
26.02. - 06.03.2023South AfricaGreen Kalaharifully booked - waitlist
04.03. - 10.03.2023NorwaySenja Winter Wonderlandavailable
06.03. - 15.03.2023CanadaExpedition Polar Bear Babieswaitlist
13.03. - 22.03.2023CanadaExpedition Polar Bear Babieswaitlist
11.03. - 23.03.2023IndiaTiger, Taj & Templefully booked - waitlist
18.03. - 24.03.2023ScotlandOuter Hebridesavailable
26.03. - 02.04.2023ScotlandWild Scotlandavailable
18.03. - 01.04.2023NamibiaSecrets of the Desertavailable
04.04. - 10.04.2023Faroe IslandsWild Islandsavailable
06.04. - 14.04.2023SpitsbergenArctic Expeditionfilling fast
17.04. - 29.04.2023PatagoniaLandscapes & Pumasfully booked - waitlist
01.05. - 05.05.2023IrlelandWild Northavailable
09.05. - 16.05.2023IrlelandKerry & Wicklowavailable
17.05. - 24.05.2023IrlelandWild Westavailable
20.05. - 31.05.2023SpitsbergenArctic Expeditionfilling fast
28.05. - 03.06.2023SloveniaEuropean brown bearsavailable
13.06 - 22.06.2023ZambiaTwo Riversonly two spots left
02.07. - 14.07.2023BrazilKingdom of the Jaguarsavailable
07.08. - 14.08.2023South AfricaCats of Kalahariavailable
16.08. - 23.08.2023South AfricaZimanga in focusfully booked - waitlist
16.08. - 18.08.2023SwitzerlandFantastic Zermattavailable
01.09. - 08.09.2023South AfricaCats of Kalahariavailable
22.09. - 02.10.2023SpitsbergenArctic Expeditionavailable
19.10. - 29.10.2023ZambiaValley of the Leopardsfully booked - waitlist
23.10. - 28.10.2023GermanySaxon Switzerlandavailable
30.10. - 05.11.2023ScotlandMystical Scotlandavailable
02.11. - 11.11.2023BotswanaDesert & Deltaavailable

What our costumers say


"Street photography starts at the end of your comfort zone" - This was the first sentence of Jens Krauer, course instructor, at the introduction to our course in Amsterdam. How true! During four often long days, we slowly left our comfort zone, hesitant and shy at first, and ventured further and further. Thanks to the skilful methodology and didactics of Jens, who confronted us daily with ever new, ever more challenging tasks, we gained confidence and self-assurance. By the end, we had grasped the essence of street photography and were already able to take some beautiful shots. Jens was an excellent and patient teacher who had brought us considerably further in terms of image composition and creativity. I really got an appetite for street photography after the course!

Street Photography Amsterdam, April 2022

Madeleine K.

I had a dream; to see and photograph a polar bear in the wild once in my life. So I set out on this adventure with Amazing Views. What I experienced is unsurpassable: accompanying and photographing a polar bear in the was a magical moment that turned into hours!!!! In addition I also had the chance to photograph walruses, sea lions and beautiful landscapes. My big thanks go to Jenny and Daisy for their so benevolent way of accompanying me and to the whole crew of the Virgo. The 10 days went by in a flash and I can only say THANK YOU and my dream came true.

Svalbard, April 2022

Claudio & Andrea

Like all tours with Amazing Views, this tour was perfectly organised. We were super well looked after by Jenny and Daisy, who had endless time and patience for us, not only when taking pictures, but also when editing them. The ship (the MS Virgo) is ideal for photographers. The newly renovated rooms are very nice and functional with plenty of space for all the winter clothes. But the hammer is the lounge, which is ideally suited to our needs. Enough space for everyone with their laptops, power sockets everywhere, a big TV for picture meetings and presentations, and always enough pastries to keep our lines in shape. The Zodiac drivers were also responsible for scanning the horizon literally around the clock for interesting wildlife. The fact that these two are also full-time professional photographers was of course great, as it meant we were looked after even better and they also knew exactly how to position the Zodiac so that everyone got their picture. All in all, this trip easily exceeded our expectations.

Svalbard, April 2022


The photo tour "Wild Scotland" has the right name. We experienced a week with weather typical for this region. Overcast skies, sunshine in between, dense fog in the mountains and short heavy rain showers with strong winds. It was a good opportunity to test out the waterproof and windproof clothing. The tour was well organised and everything worked well. Ralf led the tour prudently with a lot of humour, constantly coordinating with Nick, the local photographer, in choosing the next photo stop. They reacted flexibly to the changing weather. Both supported the participants very well in photo-technical questions and Nick, thanks to his very good local knowledge, was able to draw our attention to small details in the composition of the picture. The photo tour is recommended for photographers who want to experience the wild nature of Scotland and especially the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Wild Scotland, May 2022


Simply excellent, unsurpassed!!! My compliments! Our guides Jenny and Bernard harmonised in an exemplary way, everything was well organised. Both were able to motivate and stimulate excellently and gave the best support. Without question: a unique, highly exciting, fantastic and unforgettable photo tour! Tour guiding which cannot be beaten. An organisation without bad luck, breakdowns or mishaps. A Faroe Islands tour with Jenny and Bernard >> you have to strike... immediately!

Faroe Islands, April 2022


When the two natural phenomena of the Faroe Islands and Bernard Geraghty comes together, a fantastic photo tour is guaranteed! The experience was garnished with a great group and as always it was perfectly organised by Amazing Views. Thank you very much for another great photo tour!

Faroe Islands, April 2022


The tour was super organised and I felt very comfortable. In our exciting and interesting Highland Lodge we were excellently spoiled with fresh and local food by the three wonderful cooks. Above all, of course, we were accompanied, looked after and supported photographically in a great way. The daily planning was always adapted to the weather/light and our wishes. Rough landscapes, white sandy beaches, 'wild' ponies, Highland cows, lighthouses, ruins and much more. Jenny and Nick put a lot of effort to give us the best possible experience. On top of that we had a great group. I had fun and learned a lot of new things. It was a great week in the Outer Hebrides!

Outer Hebrides, March 2022


Do you want to experience a great tour where you can fully concentrate on photography and experience wonderful moments? Then Amazing Views is the right one for you. On our Lofoten tour everything was perfectly organised. We were wonderfully looked after and cared for by Jenny and Cody throughout the trip. Thanks to them we were able to make the best out of the different weather conditions. As a great bonus, I was able to make wonderful new friends during this week. Conclusion: We had a wonderful time with many unique are amazing.

Lofoten Winter’s Dream March 2022


Jenny and Nick passed on their immense knowledge of photography in an understandable way. We were guided to several beautiful, secluded photo spots every day and were able to capture unforgettable moments in pictures. I can unreservedly recommend the tour to the Outer Hebrides - also from a culinary point of view.

Outer Hebrides, March 2022


The photo tour on Lewis and Harris was simply great. The lodge on a secluded inlet was unique. Three ladies spoiled us with local specialities from the sea and from their own garden. The photo spots were varied, from Caribbean beaches to picturesque cliffs to abandoned houses. The supervision by Jenny, even apart from the photography, was super, she took care of everyone and everything. The mixed group of participants rounded it all off and so I spent an unforgettable week on the island. I was very satisfied with the photo tour guides. We didn't have to worry about anything. Jenny and Nick chose the photo spots depending on the weather, time of day and light and were there to help us with advice and action. Even special requests like the Highland cows or a visit to an old cemetery were fulfilled. Amazing Views is absolutely recommendable! Whether for an evening workshop or a photo trip, we would be happy to come back again and again!

Outer Hebrides, March 2022


Iceland was my first tour with Amazing Views but definitely not the last. It was a great photo trip with interesting travel companions and great tour guides. Stefan and Fabio were always helpful, took their time with questions and you could tell that they are passionate about photography. Scenically, Iceland is amazing and has a lot to offer. We visited impressive waterfalls, barren rocky landscapes, black beaches, glaciers, a volcano (which unfortunately only smoked a bit but didn't spit fire at that moment), Icelandic horses, etc., etc.. One highlight was, of course, the northern lights. I was as happy as a little child about them. It really was a great week with lots of impressions and great photos.

Iceland Classic South, September 2021


It was my first tour with Amazing Views (and not my last). As a fan of wildlife photography, I got my money's worth. It was fascinating to observe the wild bears in the wild. Thomas' technical support was a great help for me as a beginner, and the exchange with the other members of the group was also extremely helpful. The organisation worked flawlessly, be it the transport or the accommodation in a smart guesthouse. To liven up the week, we also visited a cave and were able to use our skills there under difficult lighting conditions. All in all, the week was a huge success and Slovenia with its bears is definitely worth a trip. Translated with (free version)

European brown bears, September 2021


I booked this trip immediately after the cats of the Kalahari photo tour: the difference and contrast of both trips (Kalahari: desert with all the red and brown colour vs. Mashatu: rich green partly with yellow flower carpet) is fantastic! Very good support by Hannes and Thomas, who can also give experienced photographers helpful tips. Very comfortable lodge with excellent staff, especially the local guides.

Botswanas Best Kept Secret, February 2020

Why travel with us?

On Amazing Views Tours you benefit from the know-how of our renowned photo guides. They usually live at the travel destination and know their region perfectly. They take you to the right place at the right time

During the Photo Tours, our photo guides concentrate completely on you, so that you can take your dream photos and feel completely at ease at all times.

Thanks to the individual attention in small groups, all participants benefit greatly from the knowledge of the photographers.

Enjoy spectacular locations with like-minded people. To make every trip an unforgettable experience, we focus on places far away from mass tourism and with fantastic backdrops for unique motifs. We work with the best local providers. All accommodation and services are handpicked and tested by us.

Your client funds are protected. We are a member of the Swiss Travel Security (STS).

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