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We select our photographers very carefully and pay close attention to both experience and personality. This means that our photo guides are not only top professional photographers but are also able to pass on their knowledge. Your photographer tour guide will generally live in the region in question and know it like the back of their hand. They will ensure that you feel at ease during the entire trip.

Fabio Antenore

Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Tuscany

Dan Briski

Slovenia, Croatia

Jennifer Brühlmann

Founder & Owner

Thomas Brühlmann

Founder & Owner

Cody Duncan


Portfolio David McEown


Portrait James Gifford

Botswana, Zimbabwe

Daisy Gilardini

Polar Regions

Portfolio Nick Hanson


Jens Krauer

Streetphotography Switzerland & abroad 

Hannes Lochner

Botswana, Namibia, South Africa


Stephan Mantler


Harry Martin


Marcus Mc Adam


Rodrigo Moraga

Chile, Argentina

Portfolio William Patino

New Zealand

Mel Weber



Read the feedback from our customers


Iceland was my first tour with Amazing Views but definitely not the last. It was a great photo trip with interesting travel companions and great tour guides. Stefan and Fabio were always helpful, took their time with questions and you could tell that they are passionate about photography. Scenically, Iceland is amazing and has a lot to offer. We visited impressive waterfalls, barren rocky landscapes, black beaches, glaciers, a volcano (which unfortunately only smoked a bit but didn't spit fire at that moment), Icelandic horses, etc., etc.. One highlight was, of course, the northern lights. I was as happy as a little child about them. It really was a great week with lots of impressions and great photos.

Iceland Classic South, September 2021


It was my first tour with Amazing Views (and not my last). As a fan of wildlife photography, I got my money's worth. It was fascinating to observe the wild bears in the wild. Thomas' technical support was a great help for me as a beginner, and the exchange with the other members of the group was also extremely helpful. The organisation worked flawlessly, be it the transport or the accommodation in a smart guesthouse. To liven up the week, we also visited a cave and were able to use our skills there under difficult lighting conditions. All in all, the week was a huge success and Slovenia with its bears is definitely worth a trip. Translated with (free version)

European brown bears, September 2021


The trip was excellently prepared and organised down to the last detail. Everything worked out perfectly. The travel documentation was highly informative and comprehensive. Our photo tour leaders Jenny and Nick were excellent hosts, always very attentive, helpful and in a good mood. The atmosphere within the group was great. The trip will remain in my best memory.

Scotland Highlands, October 2019


As an auditor / organizer I have been trained for over 20 years to find problems and weaknesses, there was NOTHING to complain about on this photo tour! Organisation and individual support top notch. A special big thank you to the Guide Dan for the choice of the locations and the consideration of the respective weather conditions.

Slovenia Autumn Colours, October 2019


I booked this trip immediately after the cats of the Kalahari photo tour: the difference and contrast of both trips (Kalahari: desert with all the red and brown colour vs. Mashatu: rich green partly with yellow flower carpet) is fantastic! Very good support by Hannes and Thomas, who can also give experienced photographers helpful tips. Very comfortable lodge with excellent staff, especially the local guides.

Botswanas Best Kept Secret, February 2020


The Lofoten Islands Photo Tour was great. Due to the individual tuition and coaching in a small group, everyone can benefit a lot, regardless of their level of knowledge. It is also ideal to be looked after by a local guide, as he can immediately adapt to the weather conditions and always finds a good spot - and of course he knows the insider tips.

Lofoten Islands Autumn Tour , October 2019
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