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Portrait Susanne Venditti

Susanne Venditti

Susanne is a passionate nature photographer with a focus on macro photography. She has been working with Amazing Views since 2022.

When I took a close look at half of California with my first camera and a macro lens over 30 years ago, I discovered my love of details.

I grew up in Valais and now live with my family in Aargau.

I love to be out and about in the forest, always on the lookout for filigree petals, grasses, fungi and mosses. I also like to find the smallest creatures. I almost always meet my subjects at eye level. This allows me to perceive details that most people pass by and burn them onto the sensor. It is an immersion in another world and you can let your creativity and imagination run wild.

With the switch to digital technology 10 years ago, I intensified my photographic work and increased my creativity.

Portfolio Susanne

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