Thomas Brühlmann

Thomas Brühlmann

Thomas is the founder and owner of Amazing Views Photo & Adventure Tours and a passionate wildlife photographer.

I have time and again been called back to southern Africa since my first visit there around 15 years ago. I was disappointed with the photos from my first trips so decided to dedicate my time to intensively learn about photography. In addition to learning about theory and attending courses and workshops with renowned photographers, I have been continually expanding my knowledge through many trips and excursions into the great outdoors.

I especially like photographing wild animals. Taking pictures of lions in the Kalahari or bears in Alaska is still a source of fascination for me to this day. One of my favourite experiences is a Walking Safari on foot, such as in Mana Pools National Park on the trail of the elephants. This allows you to get unbelievably close to nature. Encounters with animals still amaze me as much as my very first experience. I love looking at them, observing them and photographing them in their natural habitat. Striving for an image that perfectly encapsulates the situation is what spurs me on.

Last year we started with the publication of some images that had already been published in prestigious journals.

I love passing on my knowledge in our workshops and I also intend on accompanying some photo tours.

Through founding Amazing Views Photo & Adventure Tours, we have realised a long-cherished dream. We love sharing with our customers the enthusiasm and know-how we have built upon over the years. As photographers, we understand exactly what people want to photograph on their holidays. We are proud to work with renowned photographers from various regions of the world. We are looking forward to continually adding to our range of offers over the next few months.

I hold a Bachelors in business administration and have worked for the last 20 years in various leadership roles at a large financial service provider. I have expertise in project management and implementation in various fields.

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Photo Tours with Thomas

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Slovenia | 6. – 12.9.2021
7 days
5 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Botswana filling fast

Wildlife Explorer CHF 9'900

Botswana | 25.9. – 4.10.2021 | 13.9. - 22.9.2022
10 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Botswana hautnah filling fast

Botswana upclose CHF 6'590

Botswana | 5. – 12.10.2021 | 27.9. – 4.10.2022
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Wilder Herbst Irland available

Autumn Wildlife CHF 2'940

Ireland | 30.10. – 5.11.2021
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
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Namibia | 26.3. – 9.4.2022
15 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
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Kenya | 4. - 11.12.2021 | 12. - 19.12.2021
8 days
3 guests + 1 guide
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Best kept secret CHF 5'950

Botswana | 13. - 20.2.2022
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
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India | 05.03. - 17.03.2022
13 days
7 guests + 2 photo guides
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Chile | 6 - 18 April 2022
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Brazil | 4. - 16.7.2022
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Fotoreise Alaska only two spots available
USA | 6. – 21.8.2022
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9 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Unberührtes Afrika available
Zimbabwe | 22.08. - 01.09.2022
10 days
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Enchanting Asia CHF 6'950

Myanmar | New date tba
14 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
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