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Traveling and photography are our passions, which we are happy to share with you. To make every photo tour and every photo workshop an unforgettable experience, we take you to the most beautiful landscapes, the most spectacular national parks and right in the middle of bustling cities. Benefit from our experience and the know-how of the renowned Amazing Views photo guides. These professionals either live at the destination themselves or know it inside out. To make sure that the accommodation is just right, we work together with first-class local providers.

Featured Photo Tours

Fotoreise Zimanga only few spots available

Zimanga in focus CHF 6'610

South Africa | 4. - 11.6.2022 | 16.-23.8.2023
8 days
6 guest + 1 guide
Fotoreise Unberührtes Afrika fully booked
Zimbabwe | 22.08. - 01.09.2022
10 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Botswana coming soon

Wildlife Explorer CHF 9'900

Botswana | coming soon
10 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Toscana available
Italy | 08. - 12.11.2022
5 days
6 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Wildes Schottland available

Wild Scotland CHF 3'390

Scotland | 26.03. - 02.04.2023
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Kroatien filling fast
Croatia | 14. – 20.10.2022
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Slowenien available

Autumn Colors CHF 3'320

Slovenia | 21. – 27.10.2022
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Wilder Herbst Irland only two spots left

Autumn Wildlife CHF 2'940

Ireland | 29.10. – 4.11.2021
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoworkshoip Zermatt only 1 spot available

Fantastic Zermatt CHF 1'199

Switzerland | 26 - 28.07.2022 | 28 - 30.07.2022
3 days
10 guests + 2 photo guides

What makes us special

Professional Photographers

Benefit from the expertise of our renowned photo guides. As a rule, they live in the location to which you are traveling and know the region inside out.


Travel to unique destinations, visit the right places, and go at the right times, far removed from the tourist masses, in small groups or just on your own.

First Class

Count on us to give you the best. We work together with the best local suppliers. We hand-pick all accommodation and services, and test them thoroughly.

Swiss Travel

Enjoy the security of going with us. We are members of the Swiss Travel Security (STS) travel guarantee.

What our clients are saying


Iceland was my first tour with Amazing Views but definitely not the last. It was a great photo trip with interesting travel companions and great tour guides. Stefan and Fabio were always helpful, took their time with questions and you could tell that they are passionate about photography. Scenically, Iceland is amazing and has a lot to offer. We visited impressive waterfalls, barren rocky landscapes, black beaches, glaciers, a volcano (which unfortunately only smoked a bit but didn't spit fire at that moment), Icelandic horses, etc., etc.. One highlight was, of course, the northern lights. I was as happy as a little child about them. It really was a great week with lots of impressions and great photos.

Iceland Classic South, September 2021


It was my first tour with Amazing Views (and not my last). As a fan of wildlife photography, I got my money's worth. It was fascinating to observe the wild bears in the wild. Thomas' technical support was a great help for me as a beginner, and the exchange with the other members of the group was also extremely helpful. The organisation worked flawlessly, be it the transport or the accommodation in a smart guesthouse. To liven up the week, we also visited a cave and were able to use our skills there under difficult lighting conditions. All in all, the week was a huge success and Slovenia with its bears is definitely worth a trip. Translated with (free version)

European brown bears, September 2021


I booked this trip immediately after the cats of the Kalahari photo tour: the difference and contrast of both trips (Kalahari: desert with all the red and brown colour vs. Mashatu: rich green partly with yellow flower carpet) is fantastic! Very good support by Hannes and Thomas, who can also give experienced photographers helpful tips. Very comfortable lodge with excellent staff, especially the local guides.

Botswanas Best Kept Secret, February 2020
Kunden Behind the Scenes
Kunden Behind the Scenes
Kunden Behind the Scenes
Kunden Behind the Scenes

Amazing Views Photo Guides

We select our photographers very carefully and pay close attention to both experience and personality. This means that our photo guides are not only top professional photographers but are also able to pass on their knowledge. Your photographer tour guide will generally live in the region in question and know it like the back of their hand. They will ensure that you feel at ease during the entire trip.
Daisy Gilardini

Daisy is a renowned nature photographer and specialised in the polar regions for over 20 years. She knows exactly what it takes to capture the Arctic landscapes and the animals in their habitat. Her friendly and funny manner makes every Arctic expedition an unforgettable experience.

Hannes Lochner

Hannes is a renowned and award-winning South African wildlife photographer. His creativity in wildlife photography knows no bounds and our guests learn from him how to get their wildlife shots of a lifetime.

Bernard Geraghty

Bernard is an Irish landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast. He loves to share his passion for his own country with our guests and guide them to the most beautiful places all over Ireland. Our guests also love his warm and humorous nature and the opportunity to experience the Irish way of life up close with Bernard – for example over a Guinness in a lively pub.

Cody Duncan

Cody Duncan is one of the most renowned and experienced photographers living and working on the Lofoten Islands. He knows every photogenic spot the islands have on offer. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of the local weather system and the Aurora Borealis, our guests have been able to observe and photograph the Northern Lights on each of our Lofoten photo tours.


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