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Fotoreise Myanmar

Street Photography Photo Tours

Capturing life unadulterated

The pulsating streets of New York, a lively market in India or an impressive procession of monks in Myanmar. During our Street Photography photo tours, we take you right into the action. Photograph authentic and unadulterated scenes at the most fascinating places in the world.

Fotoreise Indien available
India | 03. - 15.03.2024
13 days
7 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise New York coming soon

New York City CHF 2'790

USA | coming soon
5 days
8 guests + 1 photo guide
Fotoreise Istanbul fully booked

Vibrant Istanbul CHF 1'990

Turkey | 2- 6.10.2022
5 days
8 Guests + 1 Photo Guide
coming soon
Myanmar | coming soon
14 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides


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