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Ralf Schnellinger

Ralf Schnellinger

Ralf Schnellinger is an enthusiastic nature photographer and has been working with Amazing Views since 2022.

Ralf started with photography in his youth, when ISO was still set via film selection and every photo had to be very well considered. With the development of digital photo technology, he rediscovered his joy in photography and since then has been enthusiastically and regularly out in nature with his camera to capture animals or landscapes.

Apart from photo trips to other countries, he most enjoys the less planned shots of animals and landscapes that arise during excursions with his family and dog in Switzerland. The journey to the picture is then always the goal.

Photo Tours and Workshops with Ralf

Fotoreise mystisches Schottland available

Mystical Scotland CHF 3'390

Scotland | 30.10. - 05.11.2023
7 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
Fotoreise Irland Wild Atlantic two spots left

Wild North CHF 2'690

Ireland | 29.04. - 06.05.2024
8 days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
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