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Jack Lodge

Jack Lodge

Landscape and nature photographer Jack Lodge was born in the UK and his great passion is capturing the change of seasons in an atmospheric way.

Jack is a professional landscape photographer who grew up in Wimborne, the county of Dorset in the South West England, UK. Through his landscape photography, Jack strives to capture the change of each season, documenting the ever changing landscape in a magical and ethereal way.

His journey in photography began back in 2017 when he discovered travel and street photography while studying architecture. Since then, his passion for landscape photography has taken him all over the country with his camera. In 2022, he decided to give up his profession as an architect and become a full-time professional photographer.

Landscape photography is Jack’s way of being able to capture moments in time, landscapes  which tell a story that will last forever. Jack loves to edit his photos and produce beautiful prints. With his passion for his work and his great love for nature, Jack inspires and motivates the participants of his workshops. He always manages to infect and inspire his guests with his great enthusiasm for photography.

Photo Tours with Jack

Dorset | 28.04.-05.05.2025
8 Days
8 guests + 2 photo guides
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