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Polar Bear Safari

Polar Bear Photo Safari

Polar Bear Safari

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Polar Bear Babies Photo Expedition

Join us on this exclusive Polar Bear Babies Photo Expedition of a lifetime. Experience polar bear mothers with their cubs as they emerge from their dens. A truly unique and unforgettable experience! Only a few privileged photographers get the chance to experience this every year. Be one of them and witness the cubs taking their first steps in the snow as their mothers introduce them to the world.

Our remote lodge is located in close proximity to one of the largest denning sites in the Canadian Arctic.

coming in 2023

8 days / 7 nights to/from Winnipeg Airport

maximum 5 guests

Winnipeg Airport – Churchill – Wapusk Nationalpark – Churchill - Winnipeg Airport

English speaking photo guide

This Polar Bear Babies Photo Expedition offers extraordinary highlights!

  • The chance of seeing polar bear cubs emerging from their dens for the first time. A rare opportunity given only to a few dozen photographers and guests every year.
  • Watching and photographing polar bears in close proximity (max 100 metres).
  • Unique, specially designed, fully heated all-terrain vehicles with snow tracks provide safe access to the polar bear denning areas inside Wapusk National Park.
  • A good chance of seeing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights at night.

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Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini

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What our clients say


The polar bear photo safari with Daisy was a once in a lifetime wonder. Seeing a polar bear and her cubs emerge from their den and later begin their long journey to the Bay was more emotional than I expected. This was the best wildlife experience I have ever had.

Photo safari polar bears Wapusk National Park, March 2019


I learned to appreciate Daisy very much, not only as a photographer, but also as a person. Once in a lifetime experience, got a deep insight into the polar bear family life, got to admire the polar bears and fluffy, cute cubs playing in the snow! Among the many photos there are some really great pictures, which thanks to Daisy. It was a pleasure. Thanks a lot for the great days!

Photo safari polar bears Wapusk National Park, March 2019


Despite initial doubts about weather conditions (cold / wind) and hand baggage regulations of the US companies, the whole trip proved to be an excellent opportunity to follow & observe a polar bear mother. Thanks to the peace and quiet and support from Daisy who made that possible. The outermost cold protection suits including shoes were great. An impressive experience that will stay vivid for a long time.

Photo safari polar bears Wapusk National Park, March
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8 days
5 guests + 1 photo guide Age
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