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Lokaler Foto Guide

5 reasons why a local photo guide pays off

Even before Amazing Views was founded, we placed great importance to local expertise on our private photo tours. We always met up with local photographers at our destinations and exchanged ideas with them. This made us realise again and again what added value this brings to our trips. Nobody knows their home country as well as the local photographers. They know what time you need to be in which place, be it in terms of the position of the sun, the weather or other factors. When we founded Amazing Views it was clear to us from the outset, that we wanted to focus on the local expertise of our partner photographers.

This makes our tours very different from many other providers. We are nowadays able to offer outstanding tours to more than 30 destinations. Our photo guides are always professional photographers. We have been working successfully with most of them for many years and count them among our friends. This gives our photo tours a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

In this blog article, we explain why working with local photo guides is very important to us and why the local photo guides on our photo tours will definitely pay off also for you. We also give tips on what points you should consider when booking a photo tour.

Lokaler Foto Guide

Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the weather, our guests have been able to photograph the Northern Lights on all our Norway photo tours in autumn and winter

Reason 1 – Local knowledge

We personally travel to each of our destinations before we include them in our offer. Nevertheless, we can acquire a very good, but not perfect knowledge of the destination. Perfect destination knowledge can only be acquired by someone who lives there, grew up there or knows the country inside out thanks to many years of travelling experience. Our local photo guides fill precisely this gap. The local photo guides on our photo tours have excellent knowledge of the local weather systems and knows how to make the best use of them for photography. The local photo guides know the destination of our photo tour so well that they will take you to the very best photo spots. These are often special and still unknown places far away from mass tourism. They also know many insider spots and, thanks to their local knowledge of the position of the sun, will take you there at exactly the right time of the day.

Sometimes our photo guides might just open a wooden gate for you and accompany you along a small, inconspicuous path to the best photo spot for the sunset. Or they may enable you to take photos on a spectacular stretch of coastline that is on private property and not open to the public. It’s the little details like this that make a big difference to our photo tours.

Lokaler Foto Guide

Local knowledge takes you to the best insider photo spots on our photo tours
Photo by: Cody Duncan

Reason 2 – Insight into the country & its people

It is important to us that the guests on our photo tours not only take home a portfolio of great photos, but also a deep insight into the country they are travelling to. Thanks to the local photo guides on our photo tours, you can immerse yourself intensively in the destination.

The local photo guides are very familiar with the flora and fauna of the destination. They know exactly when the colourful carpets of flowers are in bloom or at what time of year the leopards are most often spotted. This enables us to time our photo tours to the perfect moment.

The local photo guides will tell you about the customs and specialities of the locals and give you a deep insight into local life. You will receive historical background information on our photo tours and perhaps even learn a legend or two. The local photo guides will also be happy to take you to authentic restaurants where you can enjoy local food and drinks.

Lokaler Foto Guide

Our photo tours provide a deep insight into the destination

Reason 3 – Local network

Thanks to the local photo guides, we have close access to the local population on our photo tours. This not only opens the door to some very special insider photo spots away from the crowds but is also very important in special situations or emergencies.

Thanks to our access to the local network, we can always react quickly and professionally to special incidents on our photo tours. What if you get injured on a hiking trail in the middle of nowhere? Our local photo guides know who to call to get you to hospital as quickly as possible. Our photo guides want to show our group a particularly beautiful place, but it’s on private land? A quick call to the farmer they know who owns the land and organise access to a unique photo spot for us.

Lokaler Foto Guide

Great photo moments away from mass tourism are guaranteed on our photo tours

Reason 4 – Intensive support relationship 

In addition to the local photo guides, most of our photo tours are also accompanied by us personally or by a guide from Switzerland. This guarantees an exceptionally close and intensive support ratio for our photo tours in small groups. As a rule, there is 1 photo guide per 4 guests on our tours.

We can therefore respond very individually to your needs and questions. On our tours, we pick up each guest at their own individual photography level and take them to the next level with valuable support and tips. With our photo guide concept, you also benefit from a multilingual tour guide on most photo tours, i.e. you will also be looked after in German on most tours.

Lokaler Foto Guide
Lokaler Foto Guide

Our photo guide concept ensures on our photo tours an intensive supervision relationship for the best individual support

Reason 5 – On the road legally

Special regulations apply to tour operators for many of the destinations on our photo tours. We attach great importance to ensuring that our photo tours fulfil all rules and regulations and are carried out legally.

Our local photo guides either have all the necessary licences and permits for the destination or know where to obtain them. This guarantees that we can legally and professionally organise group tours to a wide variety of destinations.

Lokaler Foto Guide

On our photo tours you are travelling legally and professionally

You should pay attention to the following points when booking a photo tour

  • Does the organiser know the destination?
  • Is the photo tour taking place at the right time of year?
  • Does the support ratio on the photo tour guarantee individual support?
  • Is my photo level right for the photo tour?
  • Will I get to insider photo spots on the photo tour?
  • Will I get to know the destination, including the country and its people, intensively with the photo tour?
  • Will I get to the right photo spot at the perfect time?
  • Am I travelling legally and insured with the organiser?
Lokaler Foto Guide

When booking a photo tour, it is worth clarifying a few important details

Our photo tours with local photo guides

Thanks to our photo guide concept, our photo tours can answer all these questions with a “yes” and therefore guarantee an intensive and special travel experience.

No matter which of our photo tours you book, thanks to our collaboration with local photo guides you will immerse yourself intensively in the country and its people, receive the best individual support and travel legally. We also guarantee to take you to the best known and most beautiful insider photo spots away from the crowds at the best time.

You can find out more details about our photo guides here. But it is best to get to know them yourself and test the high quality of our tours. Choose the right destination for you from our varied range of photo tours.

Lokaler Foto Guide

The high quality of our photo tours thanks to our local photo guides will surely convince also you

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