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Mel Weber

Mel Weber

Mel is a passionate landscape and wildlife photographer and knows the Swiss mountains very well. She has been working with Amazing Views since 2020.

Mel Weber lives in the middle of the Bernese Oberland and thus has the most impressive mountain landscapes of Switzerland virtually on her doorstep. Since her childhood she has spent as much time as possible outdoors in nature. For many years, her main interests were hiking, climbing and mountaineering. More and more she was fascinated with photography and so crampons, ice axe and climbing rope gave way to camera, tripod and photo backpack.

She is regularly hiking in the Swiss Alps, always in search of wild animals and the perfect light. Travelling is also one of her great passions – she is particularly fond of wild and remote areas such as Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska or New Zealand.

Photographically, her specialty are the areas of landscape and wildlife. Since 2017, she has been working as a freelance photographer on a sideline basis, passing on her knowledge in photo workshops and contributing guest articles and photos to special interest magazines on a regular basis. Under she blogs about her expeditions and photography adventures.

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