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Photo Tours
At the centre of the action
Our photo tours are ideal for people who want to incorporate photography into their holiday. They are suitable for everyone - from semi-professional photographers to those who simply have a passion for taking pictures. Our trips will take you to beautiful locations where you can enjoy a dream holiday dedicated to photography. Designated photo guides will accompany you and ensure that your individual needs are met. So that you can return home with exceptional photos irrespective of if you are a beginner or an advanced photographer.

The activities and excursions are designed in such a way that they will still be enjoyable for partners who are not aspirational photographers. The trips take place in small groups.

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  • Enjoy unforgettable experiences
  • Learn from professionals
  • Take your own outstanding photos
Private Tours
Exclusive & Unique
You will have at your disposal our expertise and our proven track record of organising trips to the most beautiful places around the world. It does not matter whether are an experienced photographer or not. Are you looking to share an extraordinary holiday with your family out in the wild, or would you like to be accompanied by a well-known professional photographer while you photograph the wildlife? With us, both are possible. We know the locations which are ideal for your needs and will gladly organise the journey of your dreams!! We only concentrate on regions through which we have travelled extensively and know really well.

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  • Take a trip tailored just for you
  • Enjoy the exclusivity
  • Savour a once-in-a-lifetime experience
Photo Workshops
Informal learning
Photo workshops are day events or short trips within Switzerland or to surrounding European countries. Workshop topics range from getting to know the most important functions of your camera in a relaxed atmosphere to finding out the basics of wildlife and scenic photography. In no way will it be like a lecture in a school room. We will take you to stunning locations and give you the chance to practise in real life what you have learned in your short lessons. Of course, you will also have enough time to talk to and share experiences with like-minded people.

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  • Learn the fun way
  • Put your new skills into practice
  • Soak in nature at its purest