Polar Bear babies photo safari

February 23rd – March 2nd, 2019 (fully booked)

March 2nd- March 9th, 2019 (fully booked)

8 days / 7 nights to/from Winnipeg Airport

5 participants

Winnipeg Airport – Churchill – Wapusk Nationalpark – Churchill - Winnipeg Airport

with renowned nature photographer Daisy Gilardini

Exclusive 8-days Polar Bear Babies photo safari

Join us on this exclusive photo safari of your lifetime. Experience polar bear mothers and cubs as they emerge from their dens. A truly unique and unforgettable experience! Only a few privileged photographers do have the chance to experience this every year. Be one of them and witness the cubs taking their first steps in the snow as their mothers introduce them to the world.

Our remote lodge is located in close proximity to one of the largest denning sites in the Canadian Arctic. Enjoy shimmering Northern lights at night, after days of observing and photographing moments between polar bear mothers and cubs.
What makes this Polar Bear photo safari extraordinary
  • Seeing polar bear cubs emerging from their dens.
  • Be one of only a few dozen photographers and guests to experience this truly unique event
  • Watching and photographing polar bears at close proximity (max 100 meters)
  • Unique tracked, heated and small vehicles offer comfortable access to the polar bear denning areas within Wapusk National Park.
  • Good chance of seeing the awe-inspiring Northern lights at night.
  • Learn and be inspired from renowned wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini.
  • Exclusive small group photo safari: Only 5 participants!

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What our customers are saying

Eight star ultra luxurious chalet experience with natural spa and gourmet cuisine in Wapusk NP mixed with front row seats to admire polar bears and fluffy cubs playing in the snow!
Polar Bear Photo Safari, February 2018
Once in a lifetime, up close insight into the family life of a polar bear. Thank you for making me discover a part of polar bear’s family life that is otherwise impossible to see.
Polar Bear Photo Safari, February 2018

Photos from guests

Liliane - Photo safari polar bear babies, February 2018