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Vibrant Istanbul

Photo Tour Istanbul

Vibrant Istanbul

CHF 1'990 per person
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Photo trip Istanbul

Discover with us one of the most beautiful and photographically exciting cities in the world. During the photo tour Istanbul we move in a historical scenery, in a city on two continents, between impressive historical buildings and palaces. We immerse ourselves in the daily life of the inhabitants. Between Europe and Asia, on the Bosporus, the blue mosque, small alleys, large avenues, exciting people, and lots of history await us. There are numerous photo motifs. We will guide you to the best locations for photographers.

In this exotic, urban photo adventure all types of photography will find their place. We will practice spontaneous travel photography with the focus on people as well as take the best opportunities to photograph the beautiful skyline and the impressive architecture. Step with us into the world of Orient, sharpen your photographic eye, learn new techniques that will enrich your photography in the long run and experience a unique adventure with a mixture of old and new, tradition and trend with a small personal group.

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5 days / 4 nights from / to Istanbul

maximum 8 guests


English- and German speaking photo guides

This Photo Tour Istanbul offers extraordinary highlights!

  • Experience and photograph the authentic and fascinating side of Istanbul
  • Learn to observe, read, and photographically interpret street life as a stage for everyday life
  • Let yourself be inspired by photographic techniques to see more in the bustling city life, and at the same time make yourself “invisible”.
  • Deal with dramaturgy and image composition to effectively stage everyday life.

Photo Guide

Jens Krauer

Jens Krauer

Photo Guide


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CHF 1’940 | price per person in a double room

CHF 2’490 | price per person in a single room

Included in the price

Photo accompaniment by professional photographers

4 nights in centrally located boutique hotel

intensive support and instruction by workshop leaders

Extensive travel documents

Not included in the price

Individual arrival and return journey to Istanbul (meeting point at the hotel)

Meals and drinks

Personal expenses, admissions etc.

Cancellation costs insurance, travel insurance

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What our clients say


Rugged mountains dropping steeply to the sea, deep fjords, red, yellow and white houses - a breathtaking landscape. Our pros Mel, Cody and Sven made sure we were in the right place at the right time, despite the very changeable, challenging weather, and kept spirits high throughout.

Autumn colours Lofoten, October 2021

Thomas B.

The photo trip "Slovenia Autumn Colours" was my second trip with Amazing Views and certainly not my last. Jenny and Dan were always available to answer our questions with their photographic knowledge. Thanks to the small group, the support was individually tailored to the participants. Dan, the local guide, had the foresight to adjust the photo spots to coming weather conditions. For example, excellent photos were taken in the Soca Valley during a rainy afternoon. Dan led us to photo locations with the best perspective on the wild Soca and I always felt safe with him as my mountain guide. This photo trip will remain within my best memories, and I thank Jenny and Dan very much for their professional and sympathetic company.

Golden Autumnal Slovenia, October 2021

Hanni & Peter

We travelled with Amazing Views for the first time and were completely satisfied. No empty promises are made, and the focus is really on you as a customer. Dan took us to places we would hardly have found on our own. Dan and Jennifer were always there to help and advise us, and questions were answered competently. A big thank you to Jennifer and Dan.

Istria & Plitvice Lakes Croatia & Golden Autumn Slovenia, October 2021


I can only recommend photo tours with Amazing Views. Everything is always perfectly organised, they react spontaneously to weather, changing conditions and wishes, the tour guides are always top-notch, and you don't just feel like a customer but part of a big family with the same interests.

Mystical Scotland, October 2021


Iceland was my first tour with Amazing Views but definitely not the last. It was a great photo trip with interesting travel companions and great tour guides. Stefan and Fabio were always helpful, took their time with questions and you could tell that they are passionate about photography. Scenically, Iceland is amazing and has a lot to offer. We visited impressive waterfalls, barren rocky landscapes, black beaches, glaciers, a volcano (which unfortunately only smoked a bit but didn't spit fire at that moment), Icelandic horses, etc., etc.. One highlight was, of course, the northern lights. I was as happy as a little child about them. It really was a great week with lots of impressions and great photos.

Iceland Classic South, September 2021


We had great experiences with a total of 8 bears over three days - a good yield, considering that the bears do not appear at the push of a button! Thomas was a confident guide and the atmosphere among us participants was good and relaxed. Slovenianbears did a good job of organising the bear afternoons in the Hides. We had to bring the patience ourselves.... I liked the accommodation at Ana's, the food was good and plentiful. I found the excursions in the morning (underground lake, caves etc.) interesting, they gave us a good insight into the region (only the eagle owls didn't want to show up despite digital calls). There is nothing to complain about! - Bear-strong journey with AMAZING VIEWS to the bears in Slovenia!

European brown bears, September 2021


It was my first tour with Amazing Views (and not my last). As a fan of wildlife photography, I got my money's worth. It was fascinating to observe the wild bears in the wild. Thomas' technical support was a great help for me as a beginner, and the exchange with the other members of the group was also extremely helpful. The organisation worked flawlessly, be it the transport or the accommodation in a smart guesthouse. To liven up the week, we also visited a cave and were able to use our skills there under difficult lighting conditions. All in all, the week was a huge success and Slovenia with its bears is definitely worth a trip. Translated with (free version)

European brown bears, September 2021


Personal, professionally guided photo tour where I felt very well looked after. The tour guide was always available with tips and tricks for questions or assistance. Fun and cosiness were not neglected. Top choice of spots and accommodation. The guide went to incredible lengths to ensure that we found the best conditions.

Connemara Ireland, August 2021


Beautiful spots, always responding immediately to the changes. Good mix of photography, having fun, eating and drinking. Necessary support is given, questions are answered. As always a great experience and Ireland is always worth a trip.

Connemara Ireland, August 2021


The trip was excellently prepared and organized from the beginning to the very last detail. Everything worked out perfectly. The travel documentation was very informative and comprehensive. Our companions Jenny and Nick were excellent hosts, always very attentive, helpful and in a good mood. The atmosphere within the group was great, also thanks to our companions. The trip will remain in my best memories.

Mystical Scotland, October 2019


This was my 2nd trip with Amazing Views and I enjoyed again very much. Jenny and Dan were very dedicated photo tour guides who showed us the beauties of Slovenia and always supported us to capture them with our cameras. It was a great week with nice people.

Slovenia autumn, October 2019


As an auditor / organizer I have been trained for over 20 years to find problems / errors / weaknesses, and there was absolutely NOTHING to complain! Organisation and individual support were top. A special big praise to the guide Dan for the choice of the locations and the consideration of the upcoming weather conditions. When even the photo guides Dan and Jennifer unpack their lenses, it means something.

Slovenia autumn, October 2019


For me it was the first trip with Amazing Views and I am totally thrilled. The trip was super nice and decorated with many beautiful impressions. The support & guiding by Jenny and Dan was top. I will definitely travel again with them. See you soon and thanks for everything.

Slovenia autumn, October 2019


Lofoten is always worth a visit, but autumn is a special season with great colours - not only in the sky in the form of northern lights. We were always guided to dreamlike, partly hidden places in the best possible light and could benefit a lot from the knowledge of Cody and Jenny. A successful week, which unfortunately went by way too fast.

Lofoten autumn colours & northern lights, October 2019


The photo trip to the Lofoten was great. Because of the individual care in a small group, everyone was able to benefit a lot, regardless of their level of knowledge. It is also ideal to be accompanied by a local guide, who can immediately adapt to the weather conditions and can always find a good spot - and of course he knows the insider tips.

Lofoten autumn colours & northern lights, October 2019


To photograph the Lofoten in bright autumn colours, the changing moods in the morning and in the evening and the northern lights at night were simply uniquely beautiful. Jenny Brühlmann and Cody Duncan helped us with advices and tips and drove us to the very best photo locations. We could just get started and enjoy. Cody knew many special corners and spots, which produced wonderful pictures.

Lofoten autumn colours & northern lights, October 2019


If you want to concentrate on photography, Amazing views is the right provider. The combination of a Swiss tour guide/photographer and professional photographer on location is ideal. It guarantees that, in addition to imparting photographic knowledge, the physical well-being is also taken care of. I am and will remain a repeat offender.

Lofoten autumn colours & northern lights, October 2019


The photo trip was excellently organized. The local Cody Duncan always found the most beautiful locations with the best light. Also special needs were taken into consideration very well. The group and the arrangements fit perfectly together. As a summary; a great trip, many thanks to Jenny and Amazing Views.

Lofoten autumn colours & northern lights, October 2019


All in all a great photo tour! The area was great, the spots were all well chosen and all participants were flexible, so that weather conditions could be taken into account. Jenni and Fabio were more than competent guides, who were always responsive to us participants and made the trip a great experience.

Unique Dolomites, September 2019


Many thanks to Amazing Views and Fabio Antenore. As a beginner within landscape photography, I was able to learn a lot about image design and post processing from Fabio. I can highly recommend this photo tour for beginners as well as for advanced photographers.

Dreamlike Dolomites, October 2019

Franz & Heidi

As always, everything was super well organized. Jenny gave her everything. We had a wonderful and eventful week in the Dolomites with lots of nature, peace, silence, some rain, mystical Three Peaks fog, wonderful sunny days with sunrise and sunset and clear nights with starry skies. The small group of eight people made the tour very flexible and individual. Many thanks for the whole group for the good time!

Unique Dolomites, September 2019


Ireland - Kerry, Dingle & Wicklow I can highly recommend for landscape photographers. The support by Jenny and Bernard was great. Bernard, the photographer from Ireland, led us to many enchanted places that you would never find as a tourist. The visit in a rustic pub was very funny. Our group harmonized very well. Unfortunately the week was over way too quickly. We will gladly be back with Amazing Views again another time.

Ireland Kerry & Wicklow, September 2019


Beautiful destination, extremely aesthetic landscape. Due to the rapidly changing conditions, there are atmospheric shots in the morning and evening. Good small group size with different characters, was happy to get to know all of them. Top organized and personally attended by the owner. I felt that I was in the best hands. Enchantingly charming.

Ireland Kerry & Wicklow, September 2019


All good things come in threes – after experiencing Scotland, Croatia/Slovenia, this is absolutely true for the Ireland tour to Kerry, Dingle & Wicklow! Each of these areas offers something for everyone and even if two of them are very similar, they all have their own charm. If you have a guide with you who not only knows his trade, knows the country like the back of his hand, coupled with a great group of different people who nevertheless fit together very well, then the recipe for a great week in an incredibly beautiful landscape is perfect! By the way, the saying would have to be extended in this case: all good things come in threes - and even more! Ireland, Jenny & Bernard, we'll see you again, a Guiness (I'll stick to the pale ;)) on it!

Ireland Kerry & Wicklow, September 2019

Monika & Hans

Jenny and Fabio carried out an exciting and photographically impressive journey with excellent organisation and almost loving on-site support in a region that is not yet photographically well known. And we returned home with many impressive photos. This will certainly not be our last trip with Amazing Views. A very big thank you.

Northern Spain, June 2019


Absolutely professionally planned and organized and at the same time the necessary relaxed atmosphere for an unforgettable trip! I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to make progress.

Northern Spain, June 2019


The organization was flawless and the management by Dan and Jenny was great. They always responded to the needs of all participants and we were always guided to great photo spots. I felt very comfortable.

Croatia, June 2019


The trip was beautifully arranged in terms of motives, and we stayed overnight in well-kept, charming accommodations. Technically, I learned something important despite several years of photographic experience. Also a big thank you to Jenny and Dan for all the kilometres they covered by car and on foot to fulfil all wishes.

Croatia, June 2019


It was my first trip to Scotland, but definitely not the last! As a part-time press & event photographer, my concern with photo tours is not so much to be supported by the photographers, but to be in the right place at the right time. The group also significantly increases the motivation for getting up early. The local photographers Nick (Wild Scotland) and Marcus (Outer Hebrides) knows their region, they know exactly which photo spots work best in which weather and they also share their knowledge. The support by Jenny and one of the two local photo guides was sensational, communicative and always trying to bring out the best for the participants. My expectations were exceeded by far, even as an event photographer I was able to learn a lot in landscape photography thanks to the support. Thank you very much for these two photo tours in breath-taking Scotland. I will be gladly back with Amazing Views.

Wild Scotland & Outer Hebrides, May 2019


The trip to the Outer Hebrides has far exceeded my expectations. Not only is this one of the most charming landscapes I have ever visited, but the journey is rounded off by a time-honoured manor house where we resided and where we were treated with the most delicious food. I would like to emphasize the sensational care by Jenny and Marcus, the two photo guides who accompanied us. Both of them were always there for us participants, answered our questions or actively supported us in taking pictures so that we could take beautiful photos home with us. They themselves were photographically totally reserved. This is something I have not experienced with other photo tours. Even between the trips they both took care of us, e.g. discussing theoretical questions or helping with editing in Lightroom. THANK YOU and I am already looking forward to the next trip with Amazing Views!

Outer Hebrides, May 2019


The photo tour was perfectly organized right from the beginning, already the detailed information before the start of the tour indicated for an excellent organization. The daily planning, adapted to weather conditions and the interests of us photographers left nothing to be desired and the beauty of the landscapes contributed the rest. We always had the feeling that Jennifer and Nick wanted to bring out the best for the participants and we were always reminded to ask questions, get information and express wishes. Personally, I always felt very comfortable and in good hands, had fun taking pictures and certainly learned a lot. The "camp frenzy" also didn't come up because of the harmonious group - my conclusion: I'm any time happy to travel again with Amazing Views!

Wild Scotland, May 2019


This fantastic photo week in the Scottish Highlands and on the Isle of Skye will remain in my positive memories for a long time. I rarely get so much good photo material together in one week. The support by Jenny and Nick was very pleasant and professional. They led us to unique photo spots and passed on their photo knowledge in a pleasant way. I was able to profit a lot and refine my photo technique. I was completely satisfied and would go on a photo tour with Amazing Views again anytime.

Wild Scotland, May 2019


In May I was in Scotland for the first time ever on an organized photo tour. Not only did I enjoy the breath-taking landscapes, but also the trip and its organisation was just perfect for me and met or exceeded all expectations. It is unbelievable with what commitment and passion the two photographers/guides Jennifer & Nick are working and putting their shoulders to the wheel. The planning is highly professional and everything is adjusted to the right light and weather conditions. If the weather did not play along, we reorganized and looked for other spots. It was an incredibly great and learning week together with other photo enthusiasts and we had a lot of fun.

Wild Scotland, May 2019


The procedure was excellently organized and the spots were very well chosen. I appreciated the very good accompanying comments of Jenny on the shots. The motivation for getting up early was increased considerably by the group, I couldn't have done it alone. I am aiming for another workshop.

Picturesque Tuscany, May 2019


An unforgettable week! The trip was excellently organized and the selection of the photo locations was very successful. As a beginner I was always supported by Jenny or Bernard in a competent, helpful and patient way and I also got many helpful tips. Many thanks for this great week in beautiful Ireland.

Ireland North - Wild Atlantic Way & Causeway Costal Route, April 2019


Perfect organisation, motivated and motivating photo tour guides with profound knowledge of the place, comfortable vehicles with sufficient storage space, nice and like-minded fellow travellers - this is exactly how an optimal photo tour is designed.

Ireland North - Wild Atlantic Way & Causeway Costal Route, April 2019


Ireland, the "green island", fascinated me with its breath-taking landscapes. I could not get enough of the many facets of the green colour, the steep cliffs, the picturesque lighthouses and the countless sheep pastures. In short: My memory card was glowing... The perfect organisation and supervision by Jenny and Bernard made this trip an unforgettable, instructive and entertaining experience. A big thank you for the great trip.

Ireland North - Wild Atlantic Way & Causeway Costal Route, April 2019


The variety of landscapes and the pure nature in the north of the island was very impressive and offered countless photo motives. I was not only fascinated by the beautiful landscapes, but also by the energy, passion and great commitment of the two photographers/guides Jennifer and Bernard. Thanks to their professional planning and organisation we were able to photograph/explore the beautiful locations of the region under the best possible weather and light conditions. We experienced so much during this week, time flew by. Even as an ambitious photographer I was able to learn a lot and always felt as in good hands. It was simply fun. Thanks a lot!

Ireland North - Wild Atlantic Way & Causeway Costal Route, April 2019


Well prepared trip, carefully selected spots. Despite of not always optimal weather conditions, good and fast respond to the conditions and wishes of the participants. Great and instructive trip, and pleasant supervision by Jenny and Bernard.

Ireland North - Wild Atlantic Way & Causeway Costal Route, April 2019


The Lofoten photo tour was an impressive experience. The combination of winter landscape with mountains and northern lights is unique and very impressive. Thanks to the expert supervision of photo professional Cody Duncan, fantastic pictures are no coincidence. The perfect organisation by Jennifer Brühlmann also contributed to the success of the trip. Thank you both very much and good luck!

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


TOP organized trip with 2 highly motivated and talented guides, who gave everything for their clients. I am very satisfied, and I am sure I will book again! This is exactly how a photo tour should be designed. And then once a northern light up in the sky. Great!

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


Fantastic journey. Excellent organization. Excellent selected locations, Jenny and Cody are excellent photographers and were able to pass on their knowledge about photography very well with many tips & tricks. I can only recommend Amazing Views... and I hope ..see you soon !

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


From our initial enquiry to our return, the service from Amazing Views has been amazing. The guides’ knowledge and expertise helped us novices to get out of auto mode and produce landscape photos I’ve never had have been able to do on my own. The accommodation were both cosy and comfortable and perfectly situated. Would definitely go on another amazing views adventure

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


This photo tour to Lofoten has exceeded my imagination. The organisation was superb, as was the accommodation, guidance and instruction. I would very much recommend Amazing Views for any photographer wishing to experience this beautiful place.

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


Amazing views, the name says it all: unforgettable, impressive hotspots are targeted. The photographers help to put the objects in the right light and perspective. The trips are perfectly organized. Individual wishes are taken into account. Boredom is unknown on these trips; you are on the road day and night. Wonderful memories and great pictures are brought home.

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


Once again, a trip excellently organized by Jenny! With not always easy weather, Jenny and Cody always put together a great program for the day and spontaneously adapted it to the outside conditions. Whenever possible we took pictures at known or less known places on Lofoten. Unfortunately, rain, snow and wind made this impossible on some days. We used the time for joint photo reviews of our pictures, discussed and debated the composition and development and learned a lot in the process.

Lofoten winter dream & northern lights, February 2019


This is my first time in Scotland, and I am simply thrilled. The tour was top organized by Jenny and very professionally guided by Nick Hanson. We did not lack for anything. Very suitably selected hotels with very good Scottish cuisine including local specialities such as haggis. Partly off the beaten track we went to the most beautiful photo motives of Isle of Sky and the Highlands. Often, we took pictures at places we would never have found without the local guide. It is not easy to find spots on Skye that are always adapted to the weather, but Jenny and Nick mastered that. Thanks again and good light wherever you take pictures.

Wild Scotland, September / October 2018


With Jenny, Harry and Nick we were allowed to get to know a part of Scotland. I can now understand your enthusiasm for this wild country. Thank you so much for letting me come along. As a beginner I felt well looked after among all the cracks, and not at all as an outsider. I got a different eye for the landscape around me and I am very grateful for that. My photo equipment is always ready.

Outer Hebrides & Wild Scotland, September / October 2018


Wild Scotland fully complied with the tender! With sunshine and blue "disturbances", with rainbows and hailstorms we were able to capture the landscape photographically. What more could the photographer's heart desire... Jenny and Nick were always helpful and competent at our side. Gladly anytime again!

Wild Scotland, September / October 2018


A great trip that brings you closer to the rugged beauty of the Hebridean islands of Harris and Lewis. With the ever changing weather and light conditions we were able to take pictures at different locations. Jenny picks up each participant at his or her individual photography level and gives valuable individual input, so that beginners and advanced photographers alike feel comfortable on the tour.

Outer Hebrides, September 2018

Reto Savoca & Katharina Rentsch

Perfectly supervised by Jenny and Dan, we could explore the fantastic landscapes of Croatia and Slovenia photographically. With the small group and two guides we were able to respond to individual wishes - something that cannot be taken for granted. But with the great program there are hardly any special wishes left, but above all great photos! Many thanks for the great week and we are looking forward to Svalbard!

Slovenia & Croatia, June 2018


Once something goes perfectly during a journey, that may be luck. But if the level is the same on a second trip, then it's simply high quality! Also, on the trip to Croatia and Slovenia, everything was top, from the choice of locations to the accommodation and last but not least the local guide. Dan Briški and Jenny guided us to wonderful locations, whereby of course the Plitvice Lakes are an absolute must for every Karl May fan. But also, the variety of the Slovenian northeast with its wild mountain landscape could offer one or the other "boaaah!" effect. All in all, again a successful trip, from which I could take many nice memories with me.

Slovenia & Croatia, June 2018

Franz & Heidi

Organisation top! Jenny has organized everything perfectly and her cordial nature is simply contagious! The two hotels in Croatia and Slovenia were well chosen and suitable for the trip. The small group of six people made the trip very flexible and individual. Wherever possible, every wish was fulfilled, be it photography, resting time or food etc. It was very harmonious for me and the group fitted together. I enjoyed it and thank you very much for the good time!

Slovenia & Croatia, June 2018


Amazing Views manages to satisfy the most diverse photographer demands on their travels. Perfectly organized down to the very smallest detail and always lovingly and professionally supervised, we were taken to breath-taking photo spots where the masses cannot get to. Many of the participants were not on the road with Amazing Views for the first time - and that alone shows that Jenni and Thomas do just about everything a photo junkie could wish for. I've been taking pictures for almost 40 years and still learned a lot of new things during the week on the Outer Hebrides.

Outer Hebrides, May 2018


Seldom has a landscape impressed me as much as the one on Skye. The peace and simplicity of the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. The weather was mostly good and so I took great pictures with beautiful light moods. Now I can reminisce at home while editing the pictures. Jenny and Nick were great tour guides/photographers and always brought us to the photo spots at the right time of day (sometimes even in the middle of the night). With their patient and humorous manner, they always gave us valuable tips. Thanks for the great organization and unforgettable days. See you next time...

Wild Scotland, May 2018


The trip was great! The organization and execution, as well as the support was super. We visited very nice photo spots, as described in the travel description. Also, we were lucky with the weather. Except for a little rain it was nice and warm. I also think it's great that we were accompanied by guides who know the region very well. This was my first trip with Amazing Views and my expectations were completely fulfilled.

Wild Scotland, May 2018


Fantastic locations, professional assistance in photography, funny tours and warm-hearted people - especially the tour guides. Top organisation before, during and after the holiday. Once again you have left nothing to be desired on the Outer Hebrides! Thanks a million for these unforgettable experiences and of course the great pictures on my memory card! I am always happy to travel with you!

Outer Hebrides, May 2018


Jenny's skills and her warm nature scored so strongly that the grey sky became almost secondary. I would have chosen the same accommodation also by myself, perfect choice, and I also enjoyed the shared rides in the 9-seater. I can only recommend Amazing Views.

Picturesque Tuscany, May 2018


Amazing Views is characterized by the higher quality of its planning and execution at the highest level. The organization and the choice of accommodation is as you would plan it for yourself - perfect! The service is cordial and tailored to each individual. Finally a provider who is seriously interested in the results of his participants and therefore very motivating. Thanks for everything!

Picturesque Tuscany, May 2018


Jenny is a born organizer. She plans the trip meticulously and checks on site once again to make sure that all spots are accessible before she takes her clients there. She is open for beginners and advanced alike and explains everything patiently and according to the level of the client. And she has chosen sensationally beautiful spots! It was great fun, thank you very much!

Picturesque Tuscany, April 2018


The Toscana trip was just great! Jenny knows the area very well and so we were able to shoot at the best spots at the best time of day. She takes her time for every single participant and so you benefit enormously. For me as a beginner this was ideal to learn as much as possible - from camera settings to image compositions or even the image editing program Lightroom. The atmosphere in the group was also very pleasant and I really appreciated the exchange with the other participants. I can recommend the trip to everyone. Thanks for a great week and see you soon.

Picturesque Tuscany, April 2018


Perfect organisation, professional and cordial workshop management by Jenny, fantastic spots at the right time - just outstanding! Thank you very much for the great days, I could benefit a lot!

Picturesque Tuscany, April 2018


The trip was perfectly organized from the first to the last minute. The accommodation was great, and we lacked nothing. Jennifer and Cody, our two guides, always stood by us with their great expertise and there was no question that could not be answered by them. Moreover, both of them are excellent photographers and understand their craft perfectly. We lacked nothing. This was my first photo trip with Amazing Views but certainly not my last.......I will come back 🙂

Lofoten Winter Dream & Northern Lights, February / March 2018


Photo tour "Lofoten Winter Dream & Northern Lights Excellent organization. Super locations to photograph. I can only recommend Amazing Views for photo tours. I myself have profited photographically.

Lofoten Winter Dream & Northern Lights, February / March 2018
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  • Return Time

Day 1 – Arrival

After the individual travel to Istanbul we meet at the hotel. The photo tour starts with an introduction and dinner together.
Fotoreise Istanbul

Day 2 to 4 – Photo workshop

Istanbul is an authentic photo paradise. One motif follows the next. This city of twelve million inhabitants is an incredibly fascinating destination for photographers. Together we explore the streets of Istanbul and the fascinating everyday life of its inhabitants. The squares full of exciting restaurants and the numerous cultural offerings invite you to linger between taking pictures.
The beautiful oriental skyline and the architecture, which awakens to its true beauty in the soft morning light and blue hours, offers unique opportunities for photographing cityscapes and urban landscapes. A variety of offers and motives in the bazaars and markets offer us a variety of possibilities to realize our personal photography in many ways.
Immerse yourself with us and dedicate yourself with a small personal group to the search for the most exciting motives in the most beautiful light. We will explore both the modern and the historical side of this fascinating metropolis with the camera.
An adventure between two continents, the intersection of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, which will leave many personal and unique impressions besides wonderful photos. On foot, in the tram, in the boat, in the cable car, Istanbul is diverse and fascinating. Hills, islands and mountains surround this beautiful city and invite you to discover it.
Fotoreise Istanbul

Day 5 – Departure

Depending on the weather and flight times there will be the possibility for another photo session today. Afterwards you start your individual journey home or your follow-up program in Istanbul.


Our hotel is located in Cihangir district and offers luxurious rooms and a quiet garden terrace.
The rooms have a retro-modern interior with parquet flooring and furniture made of sustainably grown wood. You can look forward to free WLAN, a flat-screen TV with a DVD player and a kitchenette with a Nespresso machine.
In the morning you will enjoy a homemade breakfast with regional products and organic ingredients. Taste traditional Turkish breakfast classics like marinated olives and white cheese. A 24-hour room service is offered.

Double room

Single travellers can book half of a double room. If there is no other guest who wants to share the room, the single room surcharge will apply.

Entry requirements Turkey

Swiss, German and Austrian citizens need a valid identity card or passport to enter Turkey. The documents must be valid until the end of the trip.


It is strongly recommended that you take out insurance to cover cancellation costs and return travel costs, which in an emergency covers evacuation, a local hospital stay and the cost of returning to Switzerland.

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The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) regularly publishes information on countries in which there are potential security or other risks. The FDFA's travel advice is based on its own sources of information that are considered trustworthy. This travel advice is available on the FDFA website:

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Vibrant Istanbul

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