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Nathalie Sabol Amazing Views

Nathalie Sabol

Nathalie has been part of Amazing Views since January 2024 and takes care of all the administration.

Nathalie ensures that everything runs smoothly in the office. Nathalie is a federally certified marketing specialist and has many years of experience in the field of event and congress organisation in an international environment, as well as in marketing and administration.

Nathalie not only enjoys organising, she is also fascinated by foreign cultures, countries and languages. She also has a great passion for all things beautiful. Whenever she can, she immerses herself in her creative world. She likes to put her creative projects in the right light and capture them with her camera. Nathalie began her journey into manual photography some time ago. She loves photographing the beauty of nature, but also enjoys still photography.

Nathalie finds balance and relaxation in nature and yoga. These moments of peace and quiet help her to re-energize and gather lots of new ideas.

Nathalie was born and raised in Lucerne and now lives with her family in Hildisrieden.

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