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Jennifer Brühlmann

Jennifer is the founder and manager of Amazing Views Photo & Adventure Tours as well as a nature and landscape photographer.

I have long been interested in composition, design and aesthetic aspects. No wonder, then, that I have been passionate about photography since a young age. At 16, I was very proud to be photographing using an analogue single lens reflex camera, which my father gave me for my confirmation. Since then, I have been continually adding to my knowledge of the field of photography. Over the years, I attended many workshops and courses led by renowned photographers in my spare time and during the holidays. I then developed my photographic skills through individual study and, of course, lots of practice.

Today, I love nothing more than spending some time in wild and untouched nature. It could be a hike to a beautiful location in Switzerland, the wilderness of Alaska, the raw nature of Patagonia, or the originality of the African savannah – these are my favourites. I am passionate about photographing such natural paradises and the landscapes and wild animals to which they are home.

I especially like devoting my time to landscape photography. I love the challenge of working with special light situations and tricky image composition. I do not mind at all lugging a heavy photography backpack to secluded destinations and simply love spending some time in the great outdoors and coming home to see the fruits of my labour – (hopefully) a perfectly shot picture.

I am a member of the Nature Photographers’ Association in Switzerland and have completed many assignments for companies in the field of landscape and nature photography.

With my Swiss diploma for marketing planning and an executive Masters in services marketing & management, I have been successfully marketing services for the last 20 years, including online operations, online marketing strategies and online sales. I have particularly devoted my time to the topics of service quality and ensuring customers have positive experiences. My expert knowledge, earlier career and passion for photography and travel have encouraged me to tread a new career path. Through founding Amazing Views Photo & Adventure Tours, we have realised a long-cherished dream. We hope that our passion for photography and travel will rub off on our customers!

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