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Jeff Schultz

Jeff is a passionate photographer whose enthusiasm is truly infectious. He has been living for more than 30 years in Alaska and has become one of the best known and respected professional photographers.

He has many years of experience in various disciplines of photography. He has carried out assignments for prestigious companies and made a name for himself as a landscape, outdoor and adventure photographer. His pictures are regularly published in renowned publications such as ALASKA Magazine, Time Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and many others.

Jeff has been the official photographer of the legendary Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race since 1982. In 2013 he published a widely acclaimed book on the event.

Jeff founded Alaska Stock Images in 1991. This agency developed into one of the largest in the region and marketed images from more than 200 professional photographers. Jeff sold the agency in 2012.

Jeff loves passing on his knowledge – preferably on location, but also in short and laid-back training sessions. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional photographer – his extensive knowledge will be of great benefit to you such as for technical issues like camera settings, the right composition for a landscape shot, the targeted use of filters, or ‘insider tips’ on photographing the night sky and the northern lights.

There are hardly any other photographers who know Alaska as well as him. Jeff will take you to the best locations on our trips, which are often off the beaten track. You will be able to photograph Alaska from angles few ever get to see.


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