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Harry Martin

Harry is a well-known nature photographer. The experienced photo guide has been working with Amazing Views since 2017.

Harry Martin is a Scottish landscape and wildlife photographer. He lives on the Isle of Skye and runs regular photography workshops there. In addition, he provides support on international photo tours together with Marcus McAdam.

His training in photography started over 10 years ago in film and he then later changed to digital photography. Before he started working in photography, he worked for several years as a field guide in the Scottish Highlands and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Harry has a degree in Zoology and Environmental Conservation which means, in addition to his knowledge of photography and cameras, he can talk knowledgeably about nature, wildlife and the environment. He has a very pleasant and natural manner and he knows how to captivate guests with his passion for Scottish nature and wildlife.

Harry loves to pass on his knowledge. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a semi-professional photographer, you will benefit a great deal from his extensive knowledge, for example in the case of technical issues, such as camera settings, the right composition for a landscape shot, helpful tips on wild animal behaviour to enable you to capture the perfect shot with your camera.

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