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Fabio Antenore

Fabio Antenore

Fabio is an excellent photographer. As an experienced photo guide, he has been working with Amazing Views since 2017.

Fabio is a Swiss landscape photographer with international awards. He lives in Zurich and spends most of his time in the Swiss mountains or in foreign countries near and far to live his passion for landscape photography. Fabio’s motivation is to transport the feelings of nature through a photograph. That’s why he often spends hours and days at the most beautiful places on earth. Subjects as rugged mountains, soft clouds, flowing waters, northern lights and the Milky Way led him from Iceland to Norway, from France and Portugal all the way across the Atlantic to capture unique landscapes.

To get the best out of every picture, perfect planning, harmonious compositions and detailed post-processing is essential. Following this procedure, Fabio has specialized in creating hyperreal landscapes, which distinguishes him from the majority of the Swiss landscape photographers. He is teaching his techniques in workshops and on photo tours. “For Fabio an excellent picture consists of 30% planning, 30% technique and 30% post-processing. The remaining 10% are luck – mother nature always has the last say.”

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