Bernard Geraghty

Bernard Geraghty

Bernhard is a renowned outdoor photographer from Ireland.

Bernard is an Irish landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast. He lives near Dublin and regularly conducts successful photography workshops throughout Ireland and abroad. He came to photography a few years ago when he was looking for a new hobby. Since the first time he held a camera in his hand he was immediately taken by it, and now Bernard is a successful professional photographer.

In his spare time, the experienced mountain climber and nature lover prefers to take his camera outdoors to capture the wild landscapes of Ireland. Thanks to his central location in Ireland, he quickly reaches the most fantastic places on the island and knows the various regions extremely well.

Bernard loves to pass on his knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or semi-professional photographer, you will benefit from his extensive knowledge, whether it is technical details for the right camera settings or the ideal composition of a landscape shot. For Bernard there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the glow in the eyes of his guests. His attentive and humorous manner will inspire you.

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