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5 tips for choosing a Photo Safari

A photo safari in Africa is a splendid experience. There are many exciting destinations. Before signing up for a photo safari, it’s worth of putting some thoughts into it:

1. The right season for a photo safari in Africa

The classic travel time for a photo safari in southern Africa is the dry season from around mid-June to around the end of October. The longer the dry season lasts the less water sources there are and the sparser the vegetation becomes. This is an optimal time to see as many animals as possible to photograph.

On the other hand, also the rainy season has a lot to offer for the passionate photographer. Clouds pile up and the fantastic light moods make the heart of every photographer beat faster. The landscape glows green, flowers begin to bloom and numerous birds whistling. Tracking down the animals is a bit more challenging, but even more beautiful with the landscape coming to life as a backdrop.

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2. Which animals do I want to see?

Naturally, there is never a guarantee. However, with the right choice of destination you can massively increase the chance of finding and photographing your favourite animal. On a photo safari in Botswana, for example, you have great chances to photograph lions and leopards. Cheetahs are regularly seen in the south of Botswana or in the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park. Hwange and Chobe National Park are famous for exceptionally large elephant herds in the dry season.

Fotoreise Botswana
Fotoreise Botswana

3. The right equipment

For a great wildlife photo, you need first and foremost a good eye. Besides that, it is important that you master your camera equipment and can adjust the appropriate settings very quickly. You don’t need the most expensive and newest equipment to take great wildlife pictures. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider around the equipment for a photo safari in Africa.

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4. Is the photo safari tailored to your needs?

It is important that you have enough space on the safari vehicles to take pictures. Make sure that you are guaranteed at least one “window seat” on the car during the photo safari. When it comes to accommodation, there is a wide choice – from a simple tented camp to a luxurious lodge.

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Fotoreise Botswanas best kept secret

5. Local know-how

Especially in Africa, experience and local know-how are crucial. On a photo safari in Africa, you should make sure that the photo guide lives in the region. His know-how and experience will help you to get top pictures.

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Profit from our expertise

We have been on photo safaris in Africa more than 50 times ourselves. With our great know-how, we are constantly putting together exciting new photo tours that are specially tailored to the needs of photographers.

You can find an overview of our photo safaris in Africa here:

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